Why work with an Organizer?

Person typing, notepad, coffee and plant on desktop beside the person

I frequently get asked “why is it beneficial to work with a professional organizer?” There are many reasons to work with an expert organizer especially when you consider how hard it can be to tackle the task of decluttering and organizing your home alone. This post focuses on a few of the most significant reasons why it is beneficial to ask for help from a professional organizing consultant.

Organizing systems

Professional organizers can help identify your biggest organizing challenges. Home organizers will collaborate with you to create organizational systems that are specific to your household needs and personal preferences.

Eliminate Clutter

An organizer can teach you about asking the right questions to eliminate clutter within the home. For example, first ask yourself “what are my personal values?” and then for each item ask, “does this align with my values?” This will make the decision making process easier as you sort through your stuff.

Increased productivity

The presence of an organizer will help you to harness your undivided attention to complete the task of decluttering and organizing your home. With greater focus, comes increased productivity and thus will speed up the process of decluttering and organizing. Their knowledge of decluttering strategies and organizational systems will help you set a strong foundation for an organized home. They can also help you make a plan to stay organized in the long term.


Organizers can teach you how to properly store items that are more vulnerable to mold, temperature changes, rodents, etc. They can advise you on the best storage options for each of your household items from photos to tools, or simply your extra set of linens for when guests visit.

Teach Organizing Habits

An organizer can help you decide on the best strategies for you to implement in order to stay clutter free. They can even help you formulate a plan for household organizing and maintenance. By adopting strategies specific to your needs you will be able to establish strong organizational habits and prevent the build-up of clutter in your home.

Working with an organizer can help you to reduce clutter in your life and organize your belongings as well as implement an organizational strategy that is best for your home. Are you ready to begin the journey of decluttering and organizing your home? We would be happy to help! Contact Let There Be Space via email at lettherebespace@gmail.com.