Keeping Your Kitchen Gadgets Organized


Use your kitchen gadgets as much as possible, don't save them for the 'perfect moment'! A great way to make sure your kitchen gadgets and tools (i.e. waffle irons, sandwich grill, etc.) actually get used is to designate a certain meal each week to using these fun cooking tools! For example, every Sunday, you can plan to make brunch for your family. Each weekend you can then alternate between your waffle iron and panini maker to make awesome meals for the people you care about! 


Remember that if you are worried about the longevity of your cooking gadgets, it is actually about how you care for and maintain them. It is NOT about saving them for the perfect moment to make sure they last for a long time, because the perfect time will never come and those items will likely sit unused, thus contributing to increased clutter in your kitchen. Be sure to clean every part of your kitchen gadgets properly within a reasonable amount of time after preparing your family meals. If you are not sure how to clean a new gadget or appliance, use the instruction manual or watch some videos online to learn how to clean and maintain your kitchen gadgets. Again this will allow you to use your gadgets for years to come!


Storage is also key to making your kitchen appliances last for a long time. Keep your gadgets in an easily accessible place, i.e. close to the kitchen or within the kitchen space. It's best not to store kitchen appliances in the basement or somewhere they will be forgotten! 


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