Full House Deep Cleaning Guide

Natural lemon homemade cleaning solution in a bottle on a countertop 


The kitchen is one of the areas we use the most, thus it is a great place to start.

Microwave. Vinegar and water is a great way to remove any build up of food debris in your microwave. Spray both the outside and inside of the microwave then wipe away the remains.

Toaster Oven. The toaster oven is another place that often gets covered in crumbs and food debris. Remove the food debris from the toaster tray lining by dumping it out. Spray some vinegar and water on any food build up, leaving it for a few minutes. Then wipe away any remaining food bits.

Stovetop. Remove the pot grates and coils from each burner scrubbing them with soap and water. Clean all surfaces and control knobs. Then replace all stovetop pieces. Be sure to give the range hood fan and the outer hood surface a quick clean as well.

Kitchen sink. Your kitchen sink may contain a combination of food build-up and even mineral build-up depending on your local water system. Generally either hot soapy water or a disinfectant spray can work for your kitchen sink. Don’t forget the faucet, which needs more regular cleaning, as it is a high touch zone.  *Some kitchen sinks will require specific cleaning products, be sure to do some research to figure out which product best suits your sink.

Garbage Cans. Now is the perfect time to tackle the bins that hold all of our household waste, recycling and compost. Wipe and sanitize all bins from the kitchen, bathrooms and the larger outdoor bins that get emptied every two weeks. For the larger bins you may decide to clean them out with the hose.

Kitchen Walls. This includes any area that may have splattered food, i.e. near the stovetop, near the kitchen sink, etc. Wipe away any food spots that have landed on the wall. *Look online for best cleaning products for this area.

Counter tops. We often clean our countertops, but neglect the areas that hold our kitchen gadgets or utensils. Remove everything first, then wipe and sanitize all surfaces.

Refrigerator & Freezer. Take everything out of the fridge. Then clean and sanitize all areas. Do the same with the freezer.

Cabinets. Wipe and sanitize the kitchen cabinets. Do this for both the inside and outside of each cabinet. Be sure to check online as to what cleaners are best for your cabinet surfaces (depending on what type of material your cabinet is made of).

Pantry Reorganization. Remove everything from your pantry, wipe and sanitize the inside of your pantry.


Toothbrush holder and travel toothbrush holder. Throw this in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning or clean with hot soapy water. Let dry completely before using it again.

Sink. Hot soapy water or an all-purpose bathroom cleaner from your local department store are generally the best options for cleaning your bathroom sink.

Mirrors & Windows. Remove all smudges and markings with either vinegar/ water spray or glass cleaner. If the weather is nice, be sure to do the outside of all windows as well.

Bathtub. There are many products available for removing build up from your tub.

Toilet. Pay special attention to the base of your toilet as it often gets neglected with just regular maintenance practices.

Bath Mats. Throw them in the washing machine and dryer. While they are being washed you can vacuum and clean your floors thoroughly.

Vent Covers. Remove all vent covers and wash them.


Dusting. Remove everything from dresser tops, and all other surfaces. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and other debris.

Washing. All bedding, pillowcases and pillows can be washed thoroughly.

Floors. This is also a good time to move your furniture and clean the floors. Vacuum if you have carpeted floors. If you have hardwood you can vacuum and mop as well.

Ceiling Fans. Wipe all ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Living Room.

Dusting. Dust all surfaces including coffee tables, windowsills, décor, and electronics. This includes removing all cobwebs from the ceiling and any neglected corners.

Disinfect handles and doorknobs. Disinfect all handles of furniture and all doorknobs. Do this in all bedrooms and bathrooms as well.

Spot Cleaning. This can be done on all carpeted areas in your home. Find a carpet cleaner that you like and keep some nearby any areas in your home that tend to get stained easily.

Laundry Room.

Floors. Vacuum and mop as well depending on floor type.

Surfaces. Wipe and sanitize all surfaces.

Laundry Room Sink. Wipe and sanitize your utility sink.

Washing Machine. Generally you will want to clean the inside of your machine once per month. I personally like to use affresh washing machine cleaner pods, which you can order online and can be found in some department stores such as Walmart. Some machines will have specific instructions for cleaning the machine, so be sure to follow those directions.

Dryer. Remove all lint. Your dryer may require some other maintenance tasks as well.

Home Office.

Desktop. Remove everything and wipe down all surfaces. Declutter, organize and deal with any paperwork that needs attention.

Disinfect Doorknobs and Monitor. Generally these areas are not maintained regularly unless you have someone who cleans your home for you or it is part of your regular maintenance routine.

Final Words.

If you have any questions about cleaning your space, feel free to leave a comment on this post or send us an email at lettherebespace@gmail.com. For information on cleaning to effectively kill coronavirus in your home check online, start by reading the articles listed below.