Decluttering & Organizing - Where to begin?

Person folding clothes

I’m so overwhelmed!

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Maybe you have tried to begin organizing your home, but between all of your chores and all the emotions that flood your mind as you even consider getting started, you decide to leave the clutter for another day when you have less to do. Unfortunately, this cycle repeats itself over and over.  So, how do you break the cycle and start your decluttering journey?

First off, let me start by saying that becoming organized takes time - it doesn’t happen overnight. By embracing this idea, you can help reduce the overwhelming feelings that arise when you think about all of the disorganized, cluttered areas of your home. 

How to Start Decluttering: Shift Your Mindset

Start by adjusting your mindset towards clutter. Ask yourself questions to realize the reasons why you want to declutter and reignite your motivation to achieve an organized home. Ask yourself:

  • Why is an organized space important to me? You may want to declutter your desk and filing cabinets so that you can start using your home office to do work instead of using it to hold your paper clutter.
  • What is my goal for this space? Perhaps you want to entertain guests more often or have a clear floor space in the living room to play games with your family.
  • What has my cluttered space preventing me from doing in my life? Working from home, starting a new business, taking charge of my finances, etc.

Small successes

Begin with spaces that hold a lot of storage; this includes basements, garages, linen closets, junk drawers, utility closets, etc. Organizing storage spaces in the home is easier because these areas generally hold less personal items (versus clothing closets, bedrooms, etc.). We have less sentimental attachment to tools and out of season items thus making it easier to let them go. Start small by tackling one zone at a time, one corner of your basement at a time. Small successes will help motivate you to continue decluttering!

Schedule Your Sessions

From chores to weekend meet ups to work meetings, there is ALWAYS going to be an excuse as to why there isn’t any time to declutter and organize your home. First of all, no one is going to start decluttering for you. Take the lead! You can do it! Scheduling in regular decluttering sessions is the perfect way to overcome your excuses. 15 minutes a day in your home office can be a great way to start! Or maybe if you have more time, schedule in a few hours every weekend to make a more significant dent in your clutter! Decide where you will begin and be sure to write this session into your weekly planner to guarantee that you complete your scheduled home decluttering session. If anything truly urgent arises, reschedule for another day and hold yourself to completing it no matter what.

Decluttering/ Organizing Services

It's okay to ask for help. There are so many resources to help you get started and assist you in the decluttering process. Professional organizers such as myself are happy to assist you on your organizing journey!